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Indoor koi pond pictures

People occasionally ask me about indoor koi ponds. There are fewer pictures of indoor koi ponds out there, presumably because there are fewer of them, and they're harder to photograph! But here are some that I've found.

Of the indoor koi ponds that I've seen, The Sanctuary Spa in London is my favourite. It creates the perfect tranquil mood for the venue. Sadly I can't find any photos that I can add here! And The Grand Hyatt Kauai has a restaurant which is built over its koi pond, so that you can watch the fish swim around the little dining areas.

Before I get to the pictures, I must also share this video I found on Flickr of a gorgeous indoor koi pond at the Hilton, Montreal.

Photos courtesy of Flickr's Creative Commons license.

Header photos by Bitter Jeweler and hellsgeriatric courtesy of a Creative Commons license.
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