Koi care and pond design tips

Koi pond maintenance

Koi ponds need a bit of regular maintenance. Here are the main tasks you'll need to perform to maintain a healthy koi pond.

  • Backwash the filter at least every two weeks in summer, and more often if conditions require it. The filter will have a pressure gauge which will tell you when it needs backwashing. The filter will have a valve which you open to allow water to flow backwards through it, which washes out the dirt.
  • Change ten percent of the water in your koi pond every week. This means that you drain out water and replace it with tap water. It's important to add some dechlorinator before you add the new water, as the chlorine used in tap water is poisonous to koi.
  • Two or three times a month, clean out the debris in the pump's leaf basket – a build up here will stop the water flowing freely.
  • If you have a skimmer basket to catch debris, you'll need to clear that out regularly, too.
  • Replace the bulb in your ultraviolet lamp once a year, even if it's still glowing.
  • Test, test test! Get testing kits for both pH and ammonia, and test your pond water regularly, to make sure you've got enough filtration, oxygenation, etc.

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